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Whitmer promised to fight special interests, but she was the most wined and dined state senator by Lansing lobbyists.

  • Locally, Term-Limited Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing And Leader Of The Senate Democratic Caucus, Benefited The Most From Lobbyists’ Hospitality With Nearly $12,000 Spent By Those Hoping To Plead Their Case During 14 Years In The Legislature. (Editorial, “Improve Michigan’s Lobbying Disclosure Laws,” Lansing State Journal, 11/21/14)
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    Whitmer Failed to Lead On Prosecuting Nassar For Sexual Assault.

  • Whitmer was interim Ingham County prosecutor in 2016 when Nassar victims first started coming forward. She helped secure search warrants that led to federal child pornography charges but did not take the lead on the sexual assault cases, which her office said MSU police took to Schuette because they originated in multiple counties, an account Chief Jim Dunlap has disputed. (Jonathan Oosting, “Nassar Victim’s Parents Praise Schuette For Prosecution, The Detroit News, 9/19/18)
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    Whitmer told us she would provide better healthcare, but she has taken more donations from health insurance executives than any other candidate.

  • Health Insurance Executives Have Given More Cash To Whitmer Than Any MI Gov Candidate In Past Decade (Violet Ikonomova, “Blue Cross Has Given More Cash To Whitmer Than Any MI Gov Candidate In Past Decade,” Metro Times, 8/2/18)